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"Editions du chien qui passe" have chosen the associative form (law 1901). So they don't run after the money. Their only ambition is to bring to the attention of the public, writers, or poets who are free from any commercial concern and that the major publishing houses will never take the risk of publishing, subservient as they are to the law of a market on the lookout for media stunts.

Contrary to what we often hear, our conviction is that there are indeed unrecognized geniuses; feathers of great quality that are just waiting for a light breeze to fly away; we know some to whom we very modestly want to give a chance.

To do this, we offer two formulas:

1/ On the author's account at an unbeatable price.


In this category, "Les éditions du chien qui passe" will assume like all publishers:

- The correction of the texts that will be submitted to it (The spelling only and not the reformulation. In the event that we consider that the latter is not of quality, we will of course not retain the typescript).

- Layout.

- The creation of the cover (front and back cover).

- Its conversion into an e-book (optional).

- Registration of the work at the BNF (National Library of France).

- And will guarantee its very rapid publication on all dematerialized platforms, as well as the possibility of ordering it in all bookstores in France.

2/To Publisher Account.

To the extent of our possibilities, which we hope will increase, we will take charge of all the production and editing of the works for which we will have a huge crush.

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