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Our editorial line

She is quite simple. We only edit and publish:

a/ Novels (realistic, psychological, autofiction, epistolary or emails and education). This last category depicts a young character who makes his gradual entry into adult life and recounts his intellectual and sentimental education.

b/ News (in the same registers, and not exceeding 90 pages).

c/ Works of practical or speculative philosophy.

d/ Works relating to spirituality (regardless of their related denominations).

e/ Regional works.

e/ Works of (contemporary) poetry.

It goes without saying that our choices will be intimately linked to our personal taste and that as such we will only commit to work for works that we consider to be of very high quality, both in terms of form and bottom.

Let's repeat it, our concern not being to enrich ourselves, we hope to discover great authors hitherto ignored for various and varied reasons.

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